A Closer Look at the CrownPeak and ActiveStandards Merger

Although mergers and acquisitions in the WCM space are a fact of life, CrownPeak’s merger was particularly unsurprising. The senior team is made up of leaders with a track record of managing rapid growth, and with two rounds of venture funding firmly in the past, securing more funding and growing through acquisition was an expected next step. For ActiveStandards, a digital governance vendor often considered alongside Siteimprove and Sitemorse, this merger represents an escape from drawn-out sales attempts generating lots of enthusiasm at the web practitioner level, but not making it to the C-suite.

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Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving in the Era of Experience Management

Tiffany Elliot, Marianne Kay, Mary Laplante

Delivering an experience – rather than publishing content – is aspirational for higher education institutions. Web managers, content strategists, marketers, and leaders acknowledge that more advanced applications of digital content, technologies, and practices are becoming essential. They recognize the growing need, and they want to be able to respond. But cultural, organizational, and technology obstacles are significant.

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Web Content Management Round-Up, April 2015

What’s new in web content management industry? TerminalFour won eight new university clients. eZ Systems is actively working on the new generation of its products: eZ Platform, eZ Studio, and eZ Studio+. CoreMedia announced CoreMedia v8. Blue River Interactive Group, the company behind Mura CMS (a Cold Fusion based Web Content Management System), announced Mura Experience Platform. HannonHill improves its Web CMS training…

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Web Content Management Round-Up, March 2015

The Web Content Management Systems market is crowded, competitive, and fast-moving. With so many vendors and solutions, it can be hard to keep on top of all the latest developments, particularly if your job responsibilities are based around only one CMS platform (or a selected few). This review brings together recent highlights from across the industry.

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Ektron + EPiServer Merger – Implications for Customers

EPiServer and Ektron, two content management system (CMS) vendors acquired by Accel-KKR in December 2014, have merged today to form a single company. The combined company “will operate under the EPiServer name and continue to use the Ektron and EPiServer brands”. For Ektron and EPiServer customers this spells a period of uncertainty. Until the two companies figure out the best way to combine their forces, the product development is destined to take a back seat.

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What to do when your CMS vendor is acquired?

In the web content management space, acquisitions are a fact of business life. About a third of all leading WCM systems are results of past acquisitions. For example, Adobe acquired content management capabilities through Day Software in 2010. Oracle acquired Fatwire in 2011, as well as Stellent in 2006. OpenText acquired Vignette (2009), and also HummingBird (2006), which already owned RedDot at the time. For the customers of the acquired vendor this is not welcome news. Even when an acquisition is successful over the long term, the event still brings a lot of uncertainty in the months following the acquisition. It’s a stressful time, bringing many latent and long-standing issues and questions right to the surface.

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