Web Content Management systems in Higher Education (UK)

What content management systems (CMS) do Universities use? Here are some examples.

Abertay University Activedition
Aberystwyth University TERMINALFOUR
Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Sitecore
Aston University Easysite
Bournemouth University Drupal
Brunel University London Contensis
Canterbury Christ Church University Contensis
Cardiff University  Squiz Matrix
Cranfield University Sitecore
De Montfort University Leicester Contensis
University of Essex Sitecore
Glasgow Caledonian University  TERMINALFOUR
Imperial College London TERMINALFOUR
King’s College London Contensis
Lancaster University TERMINALFOUR
Liverpool Hope University  TERMINALFOUR
Liverpool John Moores University  Sitecore
London Metropolitan University TERMINALFOUR
London School of Economics and Political Science  Contensis
Loughborough University  TERMINALFOUR
Newcastle University  TERMINALFOUR
Northampton University WordPress
Nottingham Trent University  Squiz Matrix
Nottingham University  Contensis
Oxford University  Drupal, Plone
Queen Mary University of London TERMINALFOUR
Queen’s University Belfast  TERMINALFOUR
Royal Holloway University of London  Contensis
Southampton Solent University Contensis
Staffordshire University Contensis
Stirling University  TERMINALFOUR
University of Bolton Contensis
University of Portsmouth TERMINALFOUR
University of Sheffield Polopoly
University of Aberdeen  OpenText
University of Bath Bespoke system, developed in-house
University of Birmingham Contensis
University of Bradford TERMINALFOUR
University of Brighton  Contensis
University of Bristol TERMINALFOUR
University of Cambridge  Plone
University of Cumbria Contensis
University of Dundee TERMINALFOUR
University of Edinburgh EdWeb (Drupal)
University of Exeter TERMINALFOUR
University of Glasgow  TERMINALFOUR
University of Hertfordshire Squiz
University of Huddersfield TERMINALFOUR
University of Hull Contensis
University of Leeds  Jadu, Typo3, WordPress
University of Leicester Plone
University of Liverpool TERMINALFOUR
University of London Goldsmiths College TERMINALFOUR
University of London School of Oriental and African Studies  Percussion
University of Manchester  TERMINALFOUR
University of Reading Activedition
University of Southampton SitePublisher (previously TeamSite)
University of South Wales Wagtail
University of St Andrews  TERMINALFOUR
University of Suffolk Drupal
University of Sunderland TERMINALFOUR
University of the Arts London TERMINALFOUR
University of the Highlands & Islands TERMINALFOUR, Plone
University of Wales  Contensis
University of York TERMINALFOUR

Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving in the Era of Experience Management

This study aims to answer the following questions:

  • How are institutions leveraging digital content, technologies, and practices to engage and interact with education customers (primarily students and their families)?
  • What is the current state of content management practices in higher education, and how do they underpin customer engagement and experience?
  • What steps are institutions taking to expand their platforms and practices beyond web publishing to experience management?
  • How do they gauge their own progress towards meeting the expectations of the types of students that they want to attract?
  • What obstacles prevent them from improving their current content management practices, and from preparing for more engagement and less publishing?
  • What can institutions do today to step more firmly onto the path of digital transformation or advance their progress if they have already begun?

Digital Transformation in Higher Education