The art and science of estimating large web projects

We’ve all made commitments to complete tasks by a certain deadline that later proved impossible to meet – it’s human nature. Most people, irrespective of their gender, race, nationality and age, display what is known as optimism bias – a tendency to overestimate the likelihood of positive events [1]. When we make plans, we expect things to go smoothly, with hardly any issues getting in the way.

Optimism bias is only one of many challenges that organisations face when estimating web projects. At the start of the project the levels of uncertainty are high which means that developers aren’t … Read more >

Digital Project Success Checklist

There is no shortage of high profile digital projects that have run over time, over budget or both. Managing digital projects is hard because it relies on using new unproven technologies, terminology is ambiguous, expectations are high and the desire for constant change of requirements is relentless. 

Digital Project Success Checklist presentation covers the complete project lifecycle from writing the business case to project closure. We’ll cover both traditional methods such as RAID log and RACI model, and new trends in digital project management such as kanban boards, product vs project management  and emotional intelligence.

  • What is a digital project? 
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