Digital Project Success Checklist

There is no shortage of high profile digital projects that have run over time, over budget or both. Managing digital projects is hard because it relies on using new unproven technologies, terminology is ambiguous, expectations are high and the desire for constant change of requirements is relentless. 

Digital Project Success Checklist presentation covers the complete project lifecycle from writing the business case to project closure. We’ll cover both traditional methods such as RAID log and RACI model, and new trends in digital project management such as kanban boards, product vs project management  and emotional intelligence.

  • What is a digital project? 
  • Business case
  • The importance of executive buy-in
  • Stakeholder interviews as a requirements gathering and relationship building tool 
  • Requirements, scope and deliverables 
  • The dark art of estimating digital projects
  • Project methodology – waterfall, agile or hybrid?
  • Project plan 
  • RAID log – Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies
  • Managing the team using RACI model
  • Project closure

Real world examples and an interactive exercise on software estimation will make this talk a dynamic and inspiring experience.

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