A Short History of Mergers and Acquisitions in the WCM Space

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the web content management (WCM) space have been so common that more than one-third of all leading vendors now own their WCM products through acquisition. Some acquisitions were successful for customers and shareholders alike. Day Software, acquired by Adobe in 2010, is now a widely recognized leader in WCM as Adobe Experience Manager. But other acquisitions failed to deliver on their promises and proved to be customers’ worst nightmares. Collage CMS didn’t just fall behind the competition after its purchase by Serena Software in 2004-it was discontinued.

The lack of clear, meaningful information about acquisitions … Read more >

Decluttering your digital presence: thoughts on Web Governance and Digital Quality Management

In the documentary series Britain’s Biggest Hoarders we see entire houses taken over by junk – books, souvenirs, toys, clothes are all piled up, making everyday tasks difficult and time-consuming. Things that were useful and valuable in the past, are now impossible to get to, hard to find, or broken.

Inside the home of one of Britain's biggest hoarders
Inside the home of one of Britain’s biggest hoarders, Mirror.co.uk. Photo © SWNS Group.

If web managers are not careful, digital properties can quickly turn messy too. Web content grows at an astonishing rate. The web has grown by more than one third in 2013 alone, and reached 1 … Read more >

OpenText acquires HP TeamSite

Yesterday, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor OpenText announced an agreement to acquire HP TeamSite, a web content management (WCM) platform, previously known as Interwoven TeamSite and Autonomy TeamSite. As part of this acquisition, OpenText also acquires other customer experience tools: HP MediaBin (digital asset management solution), HP Qfiniti (contact center management tool), HP Explore (analytics), HP Aurasma (augmented reality tool), and HP Optimost (A/B testing). The transaction purchase price is quoted to be approximately $170 million.


In the WCM space, acquisitions are common — over one-third of all leading WCM platforms are the result of previous acquisitions. … Read more >

A Closer Look at the CrownPeak and ActiveStandards Merger

This week proprietary web content management system vendor CrownPeak merged with digital governance platform provider ActiveStandards. Jim Yares, former COO at CrownPeak, has been appointed as the CEO of the combined company.

CrownPeak isn’t as widely known amongst technology buyers as some of its competitors. CrownPeak’s partner network and user/developer community is relatively small, and marketing investments have always been modest. Nevertheless, CrownPeak found an effective niche by serving organizations with large, multi-site, multilingual websites, such as Lilly (pharmaceutical), Prudential (financial services) and ACE Group (insurance), to name a few. CrownPeak’s decoupled architecture, emphasis on security, and engaged, consultative … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, October 2015

Gartner’s WCM Magic Quadrant 2015

Vendors that made it to Gartner’s WCM Magic Quadrant 2015 are:

  • Sitecore, Adobe, Acquia, Oracle, OpenText, HP, SDL, IBM, EPiServer – ‘leaders’;
  • Automattic, CrownPeak, CoreMedia – ‘visionaries’;
  • Progress Software (Sitefinity/Telerik), Microsoft, Hippo, e-Spirit, Squiz, GX Software, eZ Systems – ‘niche players’.

If one or more of these vendors is on your short list, you can be certain that the Magic Quadrant will appear (dare I say, magically) in the respective vendor’s sales demo. It will be presented as a badge of honour, a major achievement, a success indicator that differentiates the vendor from its competition. … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, July 2015

TYPO3 and Neos part ways

TYPO3 Association and the Neos team made an announcement about separating the Neos project from TYPO3. The beginnings of the split date back to 2012, when TYPO3 was on its version 4. The subsequent version, TYPO3 v5, was developed by the Neos team, but was not released, due to significant gaps between the TYPO3 v5 vision and the actual product. Development of the TYPO3 v4 continued separately, with TYPO3 v6 released in November 2012, as a result. The work on the intended TYPO3 v5 was completed a year later, in December 2013, and … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, June 2015

Drupal 8 Security

With more than one million websites running on Drupal, this PHP-based CMS platform is one of the top three most popular content management systems in the world[1]. Unfortunately Drupal is also well-known for its security issues. Notably, in autumn 2014, Drupal released a security patch to address a serious SQL Injection vulnerability, which affected all of the Drupal websites and was rated as a highly critical security issue with a maximum security risk rating, 25/25. Websites which were not patched within seven hours of the security announcement were considered compromised.

Since then, … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, May 2015

Adobe and Microsoft Partnership

Adobe announces a strategic partnership with Microsoft as the two companies intend to integrate Adobe’s Marketing Cloud suite with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM solution. This move will give businesses an integrated toolkit for tackling both customer relationship management and marketing. The proposed integration will enable organizations to use customer data in Adobe Marketing Cloud for personalization and sophisticated data harvesting. This alliance aims to strengthen Adobe Marketing Cloud as a means of helping the customers on their journey to customer experience management.

The announcement was made during the recent Adobe Digital Marketing Summit (EMEA) in London, one … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, April 2015

New Version of TerminalFour Site Manager 8 Strengthens Higher Ed Presence

TerminalFour, CMS vendor specializing in Higher Ed, has won eight new university clients since the launch of its major release of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 8 and TERMINALFOUR Engage.edu in December 2014. To meet the needs of these new clients, the Boston office is recruiting for 15 new positions.

When it comes to Web CMS for Higher Ed, TerminalFour ticks a lot of boxes, so this recent success does not come as a surprise. First and foremost, over the years the company has developed a deep, extensive knowledge … Read more >

Web Content Management Round-Up, March 2015

The Web Content Management Systems market is crowded, competitive, and fast-moving. With so many vendors and solutions, it can be hard to keep on top of all the latest developments, particularly if your job responsibilities are based around only one CMS platform (or a selected few). This review brings together recent highlights from across the industry, informing you on what’s new in Web Content Management today.

EPiServer + Ektron = EPiServer

EPiServer and Ektron have been making headlines since December 2014 when the two vendors were acquired by a private equity firm Accel-KKR. EPiServer and Ektron subsequently merged to form … Read more >